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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  September 27, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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looking for answers since husband washer attacked and left unconscious. maslin remains in the hospital. his wife says they are both taking it one day at a time. to be able toke say things. >> several hours after beating maslin, the three men robbed the other men for their cellphone and wallet. were charged with armed case and weret held on home confinement before t back into custody. >> i hope they will be punished extent of the lot. i do not know what that is. i hope it will be in some way fair. justice.ot be true our lives will always be altered. something she to reiterate. those three men are currently facing the judge.
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we will follow the story and more at 6:00. brianne carter, abc 7 news. turn back to the in the battle over to run metro late when nats games go along. be over because it -- a deal has been struck. chris van cleve is that the station with the this news d another piece of information. >> this announcement comin from a third party who has stepped bill,d to foot the keep then hour to metro open if the games go long. you based on the banner, a living social, the e based in the d.c. area going to foot the bill. he gets to claim victory today. metro riders will be excited as well. to follow this.
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other thing we have learned about the power issues on the red line. two trains lost power last week, stranded about 1000 people. two separate incidents happened a train stopped 750 feet the platform. at theains to accelerate same time and tripped a safety measure in the power system that shot that area down. that has been reset so it will not happen again. it stranded about 60 people. that had to do with work being the power room. that work has been completed. the big headline from the ballpark, there wille metro longce if the games run been the play offs thanks to social, the d.c. business stepped up to foot the
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bill. morell bring you get them.ts as we >> a big sigh of relief. everybody is happy to hear that news. on storm watch again tonight. if you seerprised more rain drops. >> the son has been out much of but storms are moving in from the west. bob ryan has an early look at forecast. we had this last night. >> we did. here is our a super doppler, you see they are out to our west. there is a severe thunderstorm shenandoah and pageorthwestern county. been moving through woodstock and possibly causing hail. you can see they are moving very slow. outside, here is how look outside without
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temperatures. the 80's. we want to show you how these storms have been moving. lightning, either. the next stop is probably -- right now the are aroundrms towardck moving strasbourg. will be coming way but not until later on evening. in the meantime, for the next hours, temperatures low-80's. a slight chance there could be some hail. >> make sure you keep your cellphone nearby. check out our for updates and the latest forecast. has led to a new investigation. katherines say that
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bryant has been identified. family members reported the 33 old missing in 2006. foul play is suspected the so far no other information being released. we could be getting close -- rejected the have offer. what happens if pepco goes on strike? the toss of barrett is in washington with the latest. rett is in barr washington with the latest. the union long, representatives have been in a private meeting getting ready for the contract negotiations. there are a lot of what it is still floating around. fears of pepco and not reaching
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agreement are real for customers. people dealtillion power for days after storms and people are the sides didf agreement, there strike and would that time if a storm hits? negotiations. i would not be surprised if there was a strike. pepco is the only game in town. we all lose regardless of what happens. say they have a in case of a strike. >> we have been training managementnd we have on our system who r the field work. >> 1985 was the last workers out for five days. tomorrow's meeting will be on health and welfare workers.for is not known. believe our offer is fair and equitable and we hope our employees will accept it.
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>> the meeting is scheduled afternoon. we will keep you posted on what happens. natasha barrett, abc7 news. >> thank you. really big labor dispute the been talking has about has been resolved. referees are going back to the game tonight. no doubt the fans are going to have them back. >> a lot of the fans are joking saying they should do a dance. was notight's disaster behind reaching an agreement but it was an impetus. the real referees are back for and it istime something all fans can agree on. they were the rare species known as replacement and tonight they
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are extinct. >> they made some bad calls. d toootball fans are thrille the official officials are now the job. >> it it is about time we got somebody -- >> monday night may have been the tipping point. >> touchdown. >> it was clear. the other team had the ball. >> the sports world erupted which turnedt call be the last one made by the philippines. of thingsere a lot that happen. the things that we had here were pushing it. was the straw that camel's back. >> tonight, i guess everything will be on track. >> then you'll hate them again. on how goes. >> it depends on how i got. later we will hear from the about what they think
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be a show tonight. that is for sure. >> thank you. the battleground state of s getting plenty of both presidential candidates. romney spent the mormon in spoke atld where he legion 176. jobs were a big focus of what he talked about. with our reporter the numerous attack ads ready for moreis of the same in the upcoming debate. >> do you worry about honesty on the podium? question, as well in the president's adds. been unhappy with the charges andngs the to repeat those. like what i have to say, either. make their own judgments. from that hear more interview coming up at 6:00. >> president obama campaign in
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virginia beach today. he introduced a new campaign called a new account -- economic patriotism. economyns growing growing a strong middle-class. we have much more coming up on news including a brutal a local business. how police were able to figure the suspects. >> the scene of some unique animal attacks. from aboveoming down people watching the skies. of the biggest mysteries, where is jimmy hoffa's body? about thell you latest theory. putood news for people to eome mor
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>> the holidays are getting closer.nd >> it is hard to believe it is already here and that means the malls and the stores will give this year. news for the high unemployment rate. some 700,000 seasonal jobs are the
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suzanne kennedy has more on this coming just that is for the holidays. >> already the stores are taking applications. more than 600,000 got temporary employment year even more will be for the holidays. what consumers may not be for the shopping season, retailers are getting ready. wal-mart, toys r us as they are theirng to increase seasonal help over last year. >> i'm going to try target as well. >> that is good news for this apply for a job at wal-mart. >> i hope it lasts longer than the seasonal. e some many ofar us who need work. upstores planned to ramp their hiring from last
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christmas. indicatory that as an economy is improving. >> if retailers are going to be people it is bothraging because are expecting their par or higher than a year ago. that is great news for the economy and job-seekers. coles, 52,000, wal-mart 50,000, and toys r us will take on 45,000 police. consumers hope this is a good sign. >> i am not very optimistic. the economy is getting better growing because if they are willing to hire that means bringing in more money. >> target is also beat around -- going to be putting some jobs out there. be hiring an additional 80,000 people. >> where is the body of union
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hoffa?mmy that is the question that has for more than 30 we might getorrow answer. police are planning to dig up an home justd this outside of detroit. investigators got a tip saying buried at the home time the former teamsters boss disappeared. and officials say that a radar confirmed something is buried there. >> how about us? a warning to runners who take trails. watch out for a halt attacks -- .owl attacks some scientists say they are common in autumn at dawn or dusk. the careful. >> that she copes with her death of her panda cub, she is getting back into her dave activities.
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she is beginning to eat bamboo. her cub died on sunday. the cause of death will not be known until further tests. >> switching gears, we have some activity in the weather. >> we always do. these are slow-moving storms. t of lightning. some hail.reat is outside, this is how it looked last night when we had that line exciting weather. there is a cluster of thunderstorms. it held itself together. picture as itt moving over the city. you get the power of the lightning courtesy of richard. it is still reasonably low for gusty winds in washington. are 7:00 tonight,,
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temperature, 81 degrees and you winchester, where the showers have come through, have downed the temperatures although that is still in the mid-60's. that is the source of this line. over the last hour, it is moving into winchester, so there is not lightning. the lightning over the last couple hours. it is spotty. but those are the areas that until 6:00 are under severe warnings and let me to spotlight south of woodstock, that is the one spot is getting some nasty lightning. to of this is continuing move out to the east and northeast. moving away about 7:00. how looks. get out of the way. you can see those showers and a little bit of that hayes. is the time of the year.
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the colors are beginning to change. goe october is the time to drive with the g to show up.n going is those clouds we have had, and that ripple in the atmosphere and there is a weather front that will be godling our way as we on tonight and the late tomorrow. that means tomorrow is not as been but tomorrow morning, some showers during the morning, then gradually we will get dry air beginning to come in get later and into tomorrow and it will be with us into saturday. right now saturday looks a lot than it did yesterday. temperatures tomorrow before some of the cooler air comes in. probably near 80 degrees. for us around washington, and people in the shenandoah showers and
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thundershowers. theeratures will be into 60's. lingering showers tomorrow afternoond during the them will be of the morning hours. temperatures as the winds turned the west, they will drop to 70's and then be in the 70's for the weekend. seven -- sunday is a chance for a share. high 60's.he not the 80's we have had today. there are warnings for the shenandoah valley the storms are slow-moving. main risk. >> it is another night of in prime tonight, a senator finds his bugged.s take bribes. >> trade votes for campaign property secrets? >> of course not. not break the law. and yet here we are.
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what did you do? >> the premiers tonight at 10:00 then abc 7 news at 11. i will speak to the person who inspired this character. she is a d.c. crisis manager and e will give us a sneak preview is ahead this evening. she is one of the producers of the show. she is fantastic and really interesting. >> good stuff. ready do some time traveling? up, a look at the latest bruce willis movie "looper." >> and see why some door-to-door salesmen might be crossing -- coulding more than they give. >> we're talking about those all-purpose cleaners. do they do everything you expect? pamela howze: it just seems like such an...
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infringement on our lives.
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how dare they step into my life that way. it's none of their business. he's trying to restrict us, again. he's taking us backwards. george allen is the last thing we need in washington. anncr: the democratic senatorial campaign committmi is... responsible for the content of this advertising. >> to those all-purpose cleaners serve their purpose? >> a new report is out on 20 products. do they live up to the hype? y dutyy claim to be heav and removed tough. but an all-purpose cleaners really do it all? consumer reports put these 19 on toughto the test the kitchen and bathroom. they found only one with enough
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power that warrants the name of purpose. >> the pine sol original was our best of 19 products. it handled greece and grape juice in a variety of other stains. ofand there were a handful, including whip they say it performed a lousy on the soap scum and soil. paying out the nose is nots product that do the job done most of are hoping it is going to work on. >> a couple of green products made the top two. seventh generation and green works, providing one of the -- your cabinet already. vinegar. >> it outperformed every commercial spray cleaner. brands like lysol, ajax, the vinegar beat them all. >> you have to wait for this not
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to dissipate. to go green,oking --e products with u.s. your organic on the label. >> we have much more coming up. including some creative recipes at a local hospital. e how these dishes are not tasty but helpful. >> and we'll show you how police are trying to warm up a cold case. woman left for dead. >> a bizarre story of another robbery in d.c. but this time it been an inside job.
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accepts united healthcare benefit plans. find a clinic near you at your share of obama's debt is over 50 thousand dollars, and it grows every day. obama's policies are making it harder on women. the poverty rate for women -- the highest in 17 years. more women are unemployed under president obama. more than five and a half million women can't find work. that's what obama's policies hdoave done for women. welcome, daughter. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message.
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>> you are watching abc's 7 news 5:00. captioned by the national captioning institute of the seahwest part uptick in robberies. the latest was a business last
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night. ford is following the developments. he has more on what happened. >> the person behind bars is a 19 year-old. when he was arraigned this afternoon, we learned he worked the restaurant he was trying to rob, showing of with two accomplices at closing time. at this restaurant in downtown d.c., there were no signs of the robbery but at closing time, in uniformsessed , and triedlled a gun to rob the place. an employee tried to wrestle the gun away. fled and police put t a look up. theour later, 6 miles away, chief capt. said that a man was
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on foot. we made a stop of an individual who was in of a firearm. >> some of the clothing was different but -- have linked to that whoon as the person committed the attempted armed robbery of the establishment. >> downtown workers were of theed to learn robbery. is rare we have anything like this down here. >> it is a safe neighborhood. there is a police station a few blocks down. been otherve robbery's downtown. numbers to show d.c. robberies' 19% higher than a year ago. fordepartment is looking other suspects. according to police, he admitted to that he worked for the restaurant. a 40 caliberd
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weapon because he had been robbed himself and needed it for protection. for the employee who he received a minor head injury. he was treated and released. sam ford, abc 7 news. >> time for a look at the other top stories. n accused of beating man in leaving him four days appeared in court today. appeared in court today. show shovel after -- several hours after beating maslin, they rob other man. >> we could be close to a strike pepco says they have a backup plan in case of a strike bring in crews other utility companies to work. >> mattress as a third-party in and pay for the
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extended train service during any nationals playoff game. living social put down the mature requires to running for an hour and they will pay for to two hours for each home playoff game. the nationals have asked the to pay but the city refused. park police hope their search will be done to e driver wanted for a deadly run last year. more on the victim's family search for answers. >> when is mommy coming home? >> for this woman, her younger is too real to to her nieces and nephews. ebony johnson was killed on when police say she was trying to cross at the intersection in temple hills. police say a car hit her and the
5:34 pm
never stopped. even if they did not know hit a normal being, you o stop and see what you hit or what the person is. >> the vehicle is a 1996 acura rl. the color is a metallic black pearl. isice believe the car side mirrorright and had light. must know something. somebody probably came home with to their vehicle. inbe they confided somebody they hit something. they took the vehicle to a repair shop. is now taking care of her sister's children. by they do not think of ebony. the family is asking anyone who to come something n haved so they ca closure. we forgive you. we hope he will do the right
5:35 pm
thing. >> police is offering a reward anyone with information that can help lead to the driver or involved in the hit-and- run. asking anyone who has information to give them a call. >> a car crash this morning cost power.mes to lose with a power pole before 10:00. crews have been busy trying to restore power. say that all but nine homes have their power back on. a check on the current traffic situation. >> we are seeing delays further south, big problems. as you get south of fredericksburg, there is a brush fire closing the roadway.
5:36 pm
95 southbound is closed in that .rea traveling the interloop, the lanes begin around rate -- 7 and goes on and off you all the way around new hampshire avenue. we have some emergency road work causing those delays. road work has been cleared. things are at loosening as you to university boulevard. 270 northbound, as you travel westbound, after connecticut avenue, some road work on the left side of the roadway. that is the latest. back to you. abouting up, a warning popular sleep aids. >> why older people should think g a valiumre takin before bed. you for awill throw
5:37 pm
loop. >> the museum is just a hole in today itd but
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i'm barack obama, and i approve this message. christie: i do the laundry, i pay the bills, i make sure my kids are fed and rested and healthy. female vo: moms like christie would be stretched even more under mitt romney. to fund his tax cuts for millionaires, romney could take away middle class deductions for child care, home mortgages, and college tuition. christie: mitt romney, he's so focused on big business and tax cuts for the wealthy... it seems like his answers to middle-class america are just...tough...tough luck.
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>> we are going to do some time week's moviethis review. he is joining us now to tell more about it. on good morning washington. i do not know. "looper" is the name of the movie. is so bizarre that i recommend you sit back and watch figure it out. >> time travel has not yet been invented. but 30 years from now, it will have been. >> joseph gordon leavitt plays a man assignedng hit to rub out his older self, played by bruce willis. there is your first mind and they're right there. chase begins with a pause few moments of conversation. >> your face looks backwards.
5:41 pm
>> dean -- do you know what is going to happen? have you done this already? >> i do not want to talk about time travel. w how this has to go down. this is my life now. what old men do and die. features a great cast, -- emily blunt. stuff." avoids the usual a three and a half star mind bender and it is the best the weekend. also opening, the perks of being wallflower and a senior about our cappella singers. time travel tends to do that anyway. was a terrific movie.
5:42 pm
it is different. think is going to be a movie we remember. >> have a good weekend. next week. this dog, what is in a high chair? there is a logical reason. we will tell you all about it. >> he was so persuasive. >> in the end, all he got was an aberration. abouting
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usedny businesses still ordered or solicitations but how much can you trust the sales representative? they answered a knock on the of for a newd security system but then strange happening and why they turned to 7 on your side. they got theht of a lifetime with their new security system.
5:46 pm
>> the salesman came to the door to offer us a deal. >> he was so persuasive. g to give you this. >> after a long list of prices, contracted this were on the hook for a $99 installation fee. >> we gave them a check for $99. >> but almost double with was -- bankithdrawn from their account. they received a notice there emergency point of contact dave permission. impossible because he aboutot know anything this. the neighbor had the same same cells the representative. i thought it was a fluke or an error. but then she and i started had the samehe experience. >> they reached out to us. after an investigation,
5:47 pm
officials told us they found the independent sales made severale errors and in a statement said result the sales representative no rub -- no longer represents our company. what is the biggest lesson learned? >> continuing in not answering the door. what i have practiced. but i got suckered in this time. >> it is working on a their neighbor. soliciting as part of its strategy, it recommends research do their ofine and ask a lot before signing a contract. >> remember if you need help issue or a company, give hour hot line a call and --e's the number or you can e-mail us at
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7onyourside@wjla.ocm. a new study published in the shows thatrnal atients to began taking xanax more likely to dementia than those who not use them. the subjects showed no signs of the start of the 20 year study. e authors found users of the developed symptoms earlier. today it was all about the city for a of this was an opportunity for come together to network and support each other. i was happy to be there and the panelist. we asked questions about news, thehe campaign, and women's issues. including all of us. look at this. a must see video that shows a to a serious
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problem. this puppy has to eat her lunch this high chair. she has a disorder making it but sittingst food the high chair helps the food go down easier. look at that. chairmpany that made the make an adjustable as she growso use up. issue sitting in front of a television? >> may be so. look at how queue that is. a good solution. -- cute that is. a good solution. gordon peterson is in the ahead.m with a look up, virginia, both made stops in the state today. we spoke to mitt romney. and the auction for a rural --
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renoit has been counseled the painting may have stolen 50 years ago. more on those stories coming up. >> see you then. we have a big treat on tomorrow's episode of katie. down with chelsea comedy andking about her late night tv gig. that is tomorrow at 4 clark by abc 7 news at 5:00. >> before that, let's get the the weather. >> because of the risk of some folks around front royal, here is like doppler. has produced a fair of lightning. is just beginning to move to e north.
5:51 pm
there are other ones that are popping up. are the areas under the warnings every time we get thunderstorms. not because of any widespread winds but rather the some hail. all of this is drifting to the east. be around the metropolitan area. our temperature is 81 degrees. drier air as we get into tomorrow. the weekend looks good. moveine is beginning to into hagerstown. all of this will be drifting toward the east, affecting the media metropolitan area. think by sunday, temperatures the high 60's. widespreadink any
5:52 pm
but some spots hail.e getting some >> the big night in baltimore. football and the nfl referees back on the job. lesst took three months and th than 23 hours to get them back on the field. he will lead the crew out onto the field tonight. it was an eight year deal t they reached, the issue was retirements, which they compromised on. the pension.p after the monday night roger adel apologize for everything. apologized for everything. >> i think we would have agreement this week
5:53 pm
regardless of the weekend. y was to the point of getting this concluded. >> today, the players rejoiced. they were happy to hear the news. fined $25,000was r his altercation at the end of the cincinnati game. told us it is good to have it behind ewing get back on the field. the main issue. the knowledge of the game is help with that. that is our focus. do whenare you going to you see him? am going to hug him and show him i love him. aref course, the nets philadelphian in tonight. e big stories in baltimore. on theerees are back field and we
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krystal conwell : we see a lot of problems with the... number of students that we have. resources. materials. things that the children need... on a day-to-day basis. anncr: question seven will help. the department of legislative services says question seven... will mean hundreds of millions of dollars... for schools...from gaming revenues that would have... gone to other states. and independent audits will guarantee the money... goes where it's supposed to. krystal conwell: i think people should vote for question... seven because i think it will be a great benefito children.
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>> one issue with cancer is eating certain foods. >> inouye cookbook is helping with the problem. -- a new cookbook is helping with the problem. >> it all started with her diagnosis of hodgkin's disease. me goe was watching the through treatment. -- that by't buy it cooking healthy mills. sharing her secret in this cookbook. the recipes provided a duringment for her son chemotherapy. >> i went for five days without vomitingy appetite, the side effects. we had to basically pack everything we could into the short amount of time. >> recipes like the purple power the protein and
5:58 pm
nutrients they often used in treatment. today got the stamp of approval boy with cancer. he and other children are benefiting from the cookbook. each recipe is well researched. even went back to school to nutrition. the reasons why i decided to go back to school science ofbout the food and understand why certain foods affect people in certain ways. >> she learned to put vegetables other healthy foods into recipe and the food still tastes good. her son is a healthy students to ease the food that helped him stay strong. is proof you can come back. abc7 news. see that. coming up at 6:00 -- we talk one-on-one with mitt the state of the
5:59 pm
race. us something very few know about him. >> protesters shut down part of a busy street. a decision is made on who will pay for metro to stay open late. is ave and in hd, this at 6:00, on news your side. >> the battle continues in virginia as both candidates make important stops in the commonwealth today. obama held a rally virginia beach. spoke one on one with joins us withnd say about his chances in virginia. >> he is optimistic but it is interesting, since day one, we heard from people who say it would like to see more


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